Jaana Narsipur teaches the art and science of how to correctly build voices.  Jaana works with each singer to develop the basic elements of their voice – breath support, intonation, clear diction, producing a “middle voice” (between chest and head voice).  Jaana also develops the singer’s repertoire of songs while encouraging a more natural presentation and good stage presence.  She gives students exercises that are tailored to their specific issues or needs, and works with students to select songs that are fun, but will also build the strength and range of their voice.  Lessons are always tailored to the student’s personal goals and interests.  Jaana uses a diverse repertoire of genres and songs – ranging from musical theater, pop and R&B, and the classic jazz songbooks and standards.

Jaana has a Bachelors degree in Voice, her Music Education K-12 certification, and a Masters in Jazz Performance.  Her broad training and expertise has enabled her to work in many different settings – public schools, community music schools, and her own private studio.  For over 10 years, Jaana has taught music for grades K-12 in public schools in Chicago, New York, and Arlington, Virginia.  She has also taught vocal music privately for kids and adult students for many years.

To schedule lessons, please email info@jaananarsipur.com or use the Contact page.